Traid Fair Hall in Bremen

603 kWp PV Generator with aerodynamic Flat Roof Installation

The weight per surface area of the photovoltaic system had to be kept to a minimum to allow for the heavy loads of other technical building systems (e.g. lighting and acoustics). Another requirement was a photovoltaic installation that did not require penetrating the roof. We therefore selected an aerodynamic flat-roof mounting system which represented a perfect trade-off between a reduced load on the roof and a high photovoltaic yield.

The reduced yield due to shading from the steel girders was minimised through the generous use of recessed channels and a suitable cabling method. For the grid connection, four existing low voltage main distribution boards were used in the building services area.

  • Installation2011
    PV Power603 kWp
    PV ModuleIBC Solar
    MountingFlat Roof Installation (aerodynamic System)
    InverterSMA Tripower
  • Aerial Photo Messehallen Bremen
    Luftbild Messehallen Bremen