with multifunctional Inputs

Precise Data Acquistion and Logging System

Our intelligent modules for data collection and storage are ideal for use in applications where measurement values and sensor signals are recorded in a distributed network but controlled and evaluated centrally.

There is a wide range of input and output channels to choose from, offering a solution to any conceivable measuring task. The systems are characterised by a very high resolution (up to 19 bit), multifunctional analog inputs, linearisation and scaling directly in the measuring module, alarms signalling cable breakage or in the event that a preset limit value is exceeded, and a range of interfaces, such as RS485, USB and Ethernet with industry-standard protocols.

There is almost no limit to the number of channels which can be added using external modules.

  • Number of analog Inputs 8, multifunctional
    Resolution 19 bit
    Accuracy 0.01 bis 0.5%
    Number of digital In- and Outputs 6
    Number Relais Outputs
    Data Storage 128 MB Flash


  • e.reader
    Datasheet, Precision Data Logger

    e.bloxx A1
    Datasheet, expansion Module 1, 4 or 8 multifunctional inputs

    e.bloxx A3
    Datasheet, expansion Module 4 or 16 voltage inputs