For Modul Voltage up to 120 V

The Mini-KLA makes it possible to measure the electrical characteristics of photovoltaic modules without the need for expensive and complicated laboratory equipment. The Mini-KLA photovoltaic electrical-characteristic analyser is operated with just two keys and is as convenient and fully automated as a multimeter. Settings for measurement areas, sampling rate, data storage and data transfer to a PC are performed and optimised within the device. The latest technology and optimisation in data collection have made this convenient operation possible at an affordable price.

  • Basic Accuracy 0,4% from Fullscale
    Voltage Ranges
    30, 60 and 120 V
    Current Ranges 4 and 8 A
    Irradiance Range 1300 W/sqm
    Temperature Range -20 to +70°C
    Choice of Measuring Range automatic
    Choice of Resolution automatic
    Maximale Sampling Rate 45000 samples/s
    Resolution LC-Displays 128 * 64 Pixel
    Handling 2 Buttons
    Voltage Supply 5 V, 4 * Mignon Accu
    Port RS232
    Delivery Content

    Mini-KLA, Si-01TC-T, Measuring cable, Accu, Charging unit, Software MiniLes, Handbook, Transportation Case

    Options - Current Range up to 16 A
    - 4 Cabel Measurement
  • Mini I-V Curve Analyser (Mini-KLA)
    Handheld for Measuring I-V Curves of PV Modules and small Generators (datasheet)

  • Mini-KLA