Fully automated Multiplexer for PV Module Test Bench

Based on our highly successful PV-KLA electrical characteristic analyser, we have developed a system called the PV-KLA MUX, which can perform fully automated measurements on several photovoltaic modules. The PV-KLA MUX is usually used to record current-voltage characteristics under a range of different natural weather conditions, thus determining real-world behaviours rather than simply performing research using STC. This enables a comparison of different types of modules. This unit can also be used to monitor modules during light soaking.

Our PV-KLA MUX systems are already in use by numerous institutes and manufacturers in the photovoltaics industry.

  • I-V Curve Measurment see Specification PV-KLA
    Number of PV Module 4 to 128 (max. 32 recommended)
    Irradiance Solars Irradiance Sensor
    Module Temperature
    One Module Temperature Sensor per Module
    10-V Input(12 bit) for meteorological Sensor
    Handling Touchscreen, Keyboard
    Case Case for Outdoor Use
    Options - Customized Voltage and Current Ranges, Zero-Volt Option
    - Additional analog Inputs
    - Meteorological Sensors as Pyranometer for global and diffus Irradiance, Wind Volcity and Direction, ambient and Module Temperature
    - Air Conditioner
    - Additional Sensor for Module Temperature
    - 19 bit Datalogging System for additional meteorological Sensor (Universal Inputs)
    Multiplexing I-V curve tracer for multiple PV module measurement

  • PV-KLA Multiplexer
    Module Test Bench