Solar Irradiance Measurement with Multimeter

Stop of production since 30. June 2017

Please use our Si-V-1.5TC-DMM

We offer with the Type SiS-01TC-DMM a Sensor for the toolbox. This Sensor offers a very quick and simple opportunity of irradiance measurement in case of first operation or maintenance of PV systems. Only with the comparison of solar irradiance with open circuit voltage, short circuit current and PV power at the inverter display the function of the system can be varified. The PV installer can easily document the accurate performance of the PV system. The Sensor SiS-01TC-DMM is delivered with rugged Aluminium case and a 3 m cable with ready-made plugs for a Multimeter. The voltage supply of the sensor is realized by a internal Lithium battery with a lifetime of appr. 8 years. With the Output Signal of 1 V at 1000 W/sqm the irradiance is displayed without further calculation at the Voltmeter, because the Millivolt value on the Multimeter is the current irradiance in W/sqm.