portable LED Flashlight Simulator

The monitoring and operational management of PV plants nowadays enables the service crew to record many failures completely and highly accurate within the complex PV system. Here mainly problems concerning the long-term stability of the PV modules occur, which have several different reasons. Faulty installations, unqualified components or defects because of weather impacts are damaging the power output of the modules and have to be fixed in the field. Therefore it is more frequently necessary to measure all modules of an installation one by one. A portable solution with laboratory capability is aimed at. By using high-power LED the setup of a sun simulator can be made very compactly and because of the modularity and the high accuracy of the measurement system the inplemented I-V curve analyser can also be used for reference measurements under natural sunlight.

  • Flash Light White High Power LED
    Illuminated Area
    1.0 m * 2.0 m (optional expandable)
    maximum 1500 W/sqm
    ±5% (Class B, optional Class A)
    Duration of Flash
    up to 250 ms with < 2 % Class A
    Spectral Standard Configuration
    AM 1.5, no classification
    Repetition Rate
    10 Measurements per Minute
    Repetition Accuracy with Module Measurement
    ±0,5 %
    230 Vac
    Dimension (B * L * H)
    0.6 m * 1.2 m * 2.2 m
    appr. 50 kg
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  • LED Flashlight Sun Simulator
    LED Flashlight Sun Simulator