Xenon Flashlight Sun Simulator

The SolarFlare flash solar simulation system is comprised of a xenon flasher unit, which generates the light, and the PV-KLA photovoltaic I-V curve analyser used for measuring the current-voltage characteristic of the photovoltaic module. In its basic configuration, it is a class CCC system but it can be extended up to a class ABB system on request (in accordance with IEC 60904-9). Due to its modular construction and the high precision of the measuring technology, this characteristics measuring device can also be used for reference measurements of natural sunlight.

  • Flashlight Tubel Xenon Flashligt, 4.800 Ws
    Illuminated Area
    maximum 2.0 m * 2.0 m
    maximum 1200 W/qm
    Inhomogenity (Standard)
    ±10 % at 1.6 m * 1.6 m (Class C, optional Class B)
    ±12 % at 2.0 m * 2.0 m
    Duration of Flash
    6 ms with < 10 % Class C (optional Class B)
    Spectral Standard Configuration
    AM 1.5 Class C (optional Class B oder A)
    Repetition Rate
    6 Measurements per Minute
    Repetition Accuracy with Module Measurement
    ±0,5 %
    230 Vac
    Dimension (B * L * H)
    0.6 m * 1.0 m * 2.0 m
    arr. 50 kg
  • Solare Flare
    Flash Sun Simulator

  • SolarFlare