BigRef Large Area PV Reference Cell

The BigRef is designed as reference cell for measurement and adjustment of irradiance for sun simulators. The the very precise calibration allows an exact determination of sun simulator irradiance. The BigRef can also be used for the measurement of non-uniformity of light for sun simulators for PV modules. Specially the large area of the sensor element offers a large advantage to reference cell designed as WPVS reference cells, as non-uniformity effects are compensated by the BigRef.

Development and Design has been in Cooperation with Solar Cell Calibration Laboratory CalTeC - Solar Cells of Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH)

Technische Daten



SignalIV Curve (4-Wire)Shunt Voltage approx. 80 mV @ STC
Uncertainty of Isc resp. Vshunt with DAkkS CalibrationTyp. 1.2% (max. 1.4%)Typ. 1.6% (max. 1.8%)
Design as per IEC 60904-2


Sensor ElementMono Crystalline PV Cell 156.75 x 156.75 mm², pseudo-square
Linearity at 25°CTyp. 0.1% from 100 to 1200 W/m²
Temperature Meas. PV cellPt100 Klasse A as per IEC 60751
Case Size / Protection210 mm x 210 mm x 12 mm / IP 50
Case MaterialBlack Anodised Aluminium