Silicon Irradiance Sensor

Pricise Sensor with higher Accuracy

Silicon solar irradiation sensors (Si sensors) offer an economical but robust and reliable solution for measuring solar irradiance levels, particularly for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The design of the sensor element, which corresponds to that of a photovoltaic module, make these sensors ideally suited as a reference for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The spectral sensitivity, which corresponds to that of photovoltaic modules, and the very similar incident angle modifier, enable a precise analysis of photovoltaic yields using measured values from the sensor.
Our precise Si sensors are the best choice for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy (utility-scale systems, PR guarantee, R&D).
Each sensor can be delivered with either an ISFH standard calibration or an ISFH precision calibration including DAkkS certificate .

  • Output Signal Irradiance ca. 85 mV at 1500 W/sqm
    Output Signal Temperature Pt100 or Pt1000, Class A
    Temperature Coefficient Shunt
    5 ppm
    Stability Shunt
    0.005% (1000 h; +70°C; 0.75*Pn 90 min / 30 min)
    Calibration Error at STC
    and rectangular Light

    1.6% Standard Calibration ISFH
    1.2% Pricise Calibration ISFH

    1 Test as per IEC 115-1: 1000 h at +70°C; 0,75*Pn; 90 min on and 30 min off.
    Note Shunt Load: PnShunt = 0,8W; PShunt at 1400 W/sqm appr. 0.08 W.

  • Si Sensor
    DAkkS Calibration of Irradiation Intensity Sensitivity
    DAkkS Spectral Response Measurement